Your Feedback

If you would like the chance to give your views on our school or see what other parents/carers think about our school, please visit the Ofsted Parent View website by clicking on the image below. 

The vast majority of the recent Parent/Carer questionnaires that have been returned are extremely positive and complimentary of the service we are currently providing.

Below are just a selection of the positive comments and feedback that were made:

  • "I was so scared my son would become lost and forgotten within society but since starting at WHSS he's thriving and with their help, we have 'our son back".
  • "I finally feel like there is no uncertainty in the air and our son is now ready to fly, he has an amazing support worker. He has some wonderful people around him a good little circle of friends too! I'm excited".
  • "The staff are fantastic and get to know the real positives in the kids and work with that. My child has come a long way and made massive improvement both socially and academically. The school is a credit to the kids and the kids are a credit to the school".
  • "Absolutely amazing. Bought a tear to my eye.. my son would never manage a sports day back in mainstream and what an amazing day with a bunch of supportive staff and boys".
  • "I went to this school 20 years ago. I got the best education ever. The odds was against me and I came out on top. To the teachers and staff at this school you do an amazing job".
  • "Fantastic that the inspectors recognise the amazing work everyone at WHSS does. What an amazing team. Thank you to each and every one of your all our of family". 
  • "It has been a life changing experience for us and I will always be grateful for all the hard work".
  • "My son has developed a new interest since being at the school (piano lessons)". 
  • "The staff have put a lot of time and consideration in trying to understand and meet my son's needs".
  • "I feel my son is kept safe from the internet as he is monitored".
  • "The school helps maintain a healthy eating programme which keeps an eye on my son's health".
  • "My son's education has improved and it really does help having trained staff that understand him".
  • "The Family Therapist has been invaluable........The residential setting is a vital part to our son's stability".
  • "The William Henry Smith School is a fantastic opportunity for my son to attend.  Since he has been there he has changed so much for the better and can only continue to get more achievements.  My son is a much happier child".
  • "The William Henry Smith School is a fantastic school which I would definitely recommend to any of my friends and family.  The staff are always friendly and approachable.  Overall this school is the best choice I could have made for my son".