Governing Body

The Governing Body of the William Henry Smith School all give their services voluntarily and without financial reward.

The Governing Body has a very important role to play in the life of the school.  Governors have to work in close partnership with the Principal and staff to ensure the effectiveness of the school.  Being a Governor requires commitment and energy: attending meetings, being involved in school activities, working as a team and accepting a fair share of responsibility.  A good team combines purpose, clarity on roles, respect for others, democratic working practices and good leadership and communication.

At present, none of our Governors are Governors at any other school.

To do this effectively and efficiently the Governing Body has set up a number of committees with specifically defined responsibilities,the main ones of which are:

Finance Committee

  • Reviews the School Improvement Plan
  • Monitors income and expenditure
  • Draws up the Annual Budget
  • Provides guidance on staffing
  • Reviews relevant policies annually - Equal Opportunities, Personnel, Disciplinary and Absence policies.

Education Committee

  • Monitors the implementation of curriculum policies including the National Curriculum
  • Monitors assessment and testing arrangements
  • Monitors the implementation of the School's Safeguarding Policy
  • Reviews relevant policies annually - Admissions, Curriculum, Spiritual and Moral Development, Policy on Learning Difficulties Disabilities, Child Protection, Food & Nutrition, Care & Behaviour

Premises Committee

  • Carries out a termly inspection of the School premises
  • Recommends the nature and standard of maintenance required in the school
  • Receives reports from the School Business Manager on maintenance, repairs, damage to premises
  • Oversees safety on school trips and off site visits
  • Reviews accident book and actions required changes
  • Monitors school security
  • Receives reports on cleaning, heating and grounds contractors
  • Oversees lettings procedures
  • Reviews the asset Management Plan

Conflict of Interest Declaration

Roger Tilbrook - Chair of Governors/Trustee - Provides Property Consultancy through PSK Chartered Surveyors