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The WHSS Baccalaureate is our bespoke school performance indicator that measures students’ success and attainment at the end of Year 11 based on a range of achievements, experiences, life-based skills, awards and qualifications. All of our students are entered for the WHSS Baccalaureate on a pathway suited to their skills, needs and talents. It is our aim that every student will achieve the Baccalaureate by the time they leave us. Our bespoke Baccalaureate recognises that a broad and balanced curriculum is vitally important to help all students fulfil their potential, whatever their educational needs and learning goals.

We have various pathways, all of which set our students in good stead for the next stage of their learning journey, providing them with the qualities to access further education, life skills relevant to today’s world, and easing their transition into adult life. All pathways contain academic success in two of the core subjects, English and Mathematics. Our students can select three non-core subjects from a varied and broad range of qualifications and awards that suit their skills, interests and talents. Many students study more than these.

Alongside academic qualifications, all our students have the opportunity to undertake a plethora of experiences such as bikeability, health and fitness, outdoor learning, and gaining water confidence to name a few. This works alongside the many Unit Awards students complete. Our students also undertake learning in areas such as first aid, food safety, online safety, British Values; achievement of the Baccalaureate also considers student participation in our Quality of Life Curriculum, Therapy, Social Progress System, work experience, school jobs, volunteering and community work, participation in clubs and activities, and progress made towards their individual EHCP targets.

14 different qualifications/certificates were offered to our students during 2022/23.


Maths. Art and English

93% of students entered achieved a pass



BTech Awards

100% of students entered achieved a BTEC qualification in Digital Media

ICT, English and Maths

57% of students entered achieved a Level 1 qualification in ICT

83% of students entered achieved a Functional Skills L1 qualification in English or Maths

34% of students entered achieved a Functional Skills L2 qualification in English or Maths

Entry Level Certificate  

Step up to English, Science and Maths 

100% of Students entered achieved a pass


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WHSS Baccalaureate
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