The William Henry Smith School & Sixth Form is approved under Section 188(3) (b) of the Education Act 1998 (and subsequent amendments) as a residential school for up to 87 students aged 5-19 years, experiencing social, emotional and mental health issues. 


We consider for admission students between the ages of 5-19 years who have an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) which makes reference to social, emotional and mental health issues.  If the EHCP process is underway, our policy also allows us to make an admission.  We also cater for additional complex needs, most commonly ADHD, Autism and Specific Learning Difficulties. 


Having received a referral and the relevant paperwork from a Local Authority, we endeavour to expedite the process; often a student will already have had significant time out of school and it will be in his best interests to engage with education as soon as is practically possible.  The whole process involves both parties feeling that the 'match up' is right and that our provision can meet the student's needs.

The student and parent/carer are then invited to look around the school and we then have a follow-up meeting in the home setting.  After this, our Admissions Panel meets to look at all the information collected.  From the outset, our Admissions Support Lead and Family Welfare Team are at the heart of the process, trying to build a trusting relationship with the student and family.

School and home

All students benefit from a secure and supportive home base.  We encourage our students to have as much contact with home as their personal circumstances and needs allow.  Students go home at weekends and in holiday periods.  With this in mind, we always take travelling distance into account when considering admission.

Upon the offer of a place, we ask parents/carers to sign our Admission Agreement; this contains information about our key policies, procedures and practices. 


The referring Local Authority is responsible for the paying of all school fees as defined by the National Contract for placement of students.  All provision described within our Prospectus, including our therapeutic interventions and residential camps, are covered by the payment of the initial fees.  


The Local Authority makes transport arrangements for students attending the school.  We also have school vehicles, which provide transport for students; these are used mainly for outings and activities in line with the Care and Education of our students.

School dress/equipment

We provide all residential, educational and sporting clothing and all necessary equipment, including toiletries. 


Admissions to our school are determined by a Local Authority's Special Educational Needs Assessment Team in consultation with our Senior Leadership Team.  All students admitted have undergone a statutory assessment and have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).   As a parent, you have the right to express a preference to your Local Authorities 'Local Offer' as to the most suitable school for your child.   If you think the William Henry Smith School would meet your child’s needs or you would like to learn more about us please complete the Admissions Contact Form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.