Sixth Form

The Sixth Form House, established in 2013, has provided the opportunity for our students to engage successfully in further education in a supported environment through the provision of bespoke, individualised packages of support for students aged 16-19.

All students within Sixth Form House follow an education programme, including literacy and numeracy, in addition to completing external further education courses at local colleges. Students follow a bespoke learning pathway that coincides with college learning, encompassing all gaps in learning through 1:1 tuition with our team of Sixth Form tutors. Students access a range of additional accreditations through the OCR and Virtual College platforms. The students are given relevant support and advice to achieve their full potential and opportunities on offer include accessing UCAS events, college visits, work experience, volunteering, apprenticeships and University visits to identify their future options. Recent student destinations including The University of Chester, The University of Lincoln, Calderdale College and Doncaster College.


Young people are also encouraged to develop socially, following extra-curricular activities which support their own individual interests to enhance their quality of life. In the evenings, students can access local youth clubs, sporting activities, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, Sea Cadets and identity groups. They are also supported to participate in recreational activities such as attending the local cinema and bowling alley. Students are also given the opportunity to complete funded driving lessons and driving theory support sessions, providing them with an important life skill to enhance their quality of life.

The students are supported to access different modes of transport to enhance their independence. This allows students to access a wider range of social opportunities across the 24-hour curriculum.

Students work in partnership with their keyworker to develop their own individualised programmes for development, including the development of academic, social and practical skills. This is reviewed and updated regularly as the student develops and progresses on their individual pathway.