In student voice, during the last term we have focused on the best way to gain feedback from our peers and how to make the most impact in school. We have introduced a new feedback form which is filled in by teachers and their learning groups each week. House minutes are also brought into student voice meetings to address any issues or concerns raised by students.


Miss Sayles has also joined the student voice! This has created a really useful link between student voice and the school development team and allowed our feedback and suggestions to be raised and attended to more effectively. 


The students had a great meeting with our OFSTED inspector during the last term, who was very pleased with the boys and how mature they were.


The boys have had lots of impact on the school day and how some of the changes to our day have been managed since Covid. They continue to advocate for residential students and day students and their suggestions have had a positive impact in school.


After a group of staff raised £500 during Tough Mudder, the boys are currently working on a whole school activity which will benefit the health and wellbeing of students in school. This will hopefully be booked in the spring term.