The Pupil Premium was introduced in 2011 and is an allocation of additional funding provided to schools to support specific groups of children who are vulnerable to possible underachievement, such as children in receipt of free school meals and Looked After children.

All schools are required to report on the amount of funding received and how this is being used, including the impact.  Since April 2020, funding has been received from the Education and Skills Funding Agency, rather than each Local Authority.

Our aim is not to disadvantage any Pupil Premium student and identify, within our core budget, financial resource, that will enrich their time with us and promote their academic, social and emotional well-being. We enhance our Pupil Premium allocation accordingly within our Pupil Premium Spending which is also approved by The Governing Body. At The William Henry Smith School we have high expectations for all our pupils and our vision is that we:

  • Provide a high quality, effective and inclusive provision for challenging and vulnerable young people
  • Provide the appropriate opportunities and learning solutions for all students through an appropriate curriculum offer
  • Respect and value each other and work cooperatively
  • Develop an understanding of our strengths and areas for improvement and increase self-respect and self-discipline
  • Foster an appreciation and understanding of the core values of truth, hard work, compassion and consideration
  • Enable students to accept greater personal responsibility for their own actions.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to access nationally recognised accreditations.

We use our Pupil Premium Funding to support our vision and values to enable our students to achieve well to the best of their ability from their individual starting points to ensure they are ready for the next stage on their educational journey.  We ensure Pupil Premium students are well cared for, are not identifiable and that systems are in place to support their pastoral needs.

We often use Pupil Premium Monies to fund projects in school which are designed to diminish the difference between those pupils eligible for the payments and those who are not. This is not exhaustive and PP will be used flexibly to meet the needs of individual children and young people. 

Click here for our Pupil Premium Report.


Click Here to view a breakdown of Pupil Premium Spend and Pupil Progress Data

This money has been spent of Human Resources, goods and services and staff costs. A large proportion of this funding has been spent on numeracy and literacy interventions, along with additional training for teachers. A detailed breakdown is available by clicking the above links.

The impact of this expenditure has been that students have received a higher proportion of classroom learning and in some cases have accessed additional external services.  Children have also been able to access valuable additional therapy sessions, including family counselling and have 1:1 support where needed.  The introduction of Learning Mentor Teams has had a great impact on students as the students are at the centre of the LMT and individualised strategies for each student are devised by these teams.


For more details on the Pupil Premium please visit Pupil premium: allocations and conditions of grant 2021 to 2022 - GOV.UK ( 


The total Sports Premium received is as follows per academic year:

2014/15 we received £1,458 for our Sports and PE Grant and this was spent on additional activities during camp week such as How Stean Gorge, canoeing, abseiling and scrambling.

2015/16 we received £3,000 for Primary PE and Sport Premium. New sports, designed to enhance health and fitness such as boxercise and multi-sports have been introduced to focus on developing the health and fitness of our younger students.

2016/17 we received £2000 for Sports Funding. We have spent money on the delivery of sports from around the world which culminated in a very positive whole school cultural sports day.

2017/18 we received £12,000 for Sports Funding to purchase new equipment. Spent on the playground enhancement, to include goal post, climbing frame, trampoline and a new tepee. It also funded all new equipment for the new outdoor education teacher.

2018/19 we received £13,000 for Sports Funding which contributed towards our new outdoor fitness track.

2019/20 we received £16180 for work alterations to gymnasium facilities.

2020/21 we received £16190 used towards Lifestyle & fitness Coaching in school and also additional outdoor camp week.

2021/22 we received £16200.  This has been spent on ACES Education - To enhance PE curriculum, Teacher Mentoring, increase physical activity at times of play and delivering active learning.

2022/23 we received £16250.  This has been spent on ACES Education, to enhance PE curriculum.  It has also contributed towards the renovation of our changing rooms and fitness suite.

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