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“You clearly have a lot of experience in your field and this shows through your provision of education and care” Doncaster Children’s Commissioning Officer "When everyone else gave up the school steps up... It’s an amazing provision for boys who need help, love and support" (Parent) "Leaders provide equality of opportunity and diversity, all pupils thrive in this wonderful school" (Ofsted) "The School is a safe, caring and welcoming place" (Ofsted) "Personal development, behaviour and welfare are outstanding. The School prepares pupils well for the life they will lead after school" (Ofsted) "The whole school curriculum offer is broad, extensive and exceptionally well balanced" (Ofsted) "Amazing School with fantastic staff, my son is loved and cared for and has been given such brilliant opportunities to thrive and be himself" (Parent) "Parents and carers referred to the school as ‘amazing’ ‘astounding’ ‘revolutionary’ and a ‘miracle worker’" (Ofsted)

 Year 8 to 13 Careers Information 

Contact the school’s Careers Leader

Rajinder Randhawa

William Henry Smith School

Booth Royd Lane





The impact of our careers programme is measured by completing certificated pieces of work as part of their “PSE” and “Preparation for Working Life” units.

 Next step records are kept in the student’s files in a document called “Preparation for Working Life Careers and Transition”.

 All information regarding CEIG is collated in a document called “Careers tracker 2018-19” in which we record the following

  • Contact with Local Authority careers service to arrange internal interview date for September
  • Local Authority report received from initial career interview
  • Confirm representative from Local Authority can attend annual review date
  • Potential to stay in 16+ discussion
  • Pupil Premium utilised discussion
  • Check college deadline dates home and away area
  • Arrange visit to college
  • College applications local area
  • If College conditional on grades x 2 applications homes area
  • If College conditional on grades x 2 applications local area
  • Interview at college confirmed
  • Local Authority funding agreed for 16+
  • Confirmed placement at William Henry Smith School
  • Further Education Destination
  • Inform Learning Leader of Destination for ongoing track

Forthcoming Events


Work Experience

This forms an important part of our CEIAG curriculum.


Students start to explore career options based around their own future aspirations and interests.  In Year 10, students have the opportunity to visit local companies in the area around school.  In Year 11 placements are arranged to ensure they get a relevant experience related to their chosen career path .  Also in Years 10 and 11 individual college visits are arranged to suit individuals so that they are encouraged to stay fully invested and complete their time at school successfully while getting maximum benefit from their time at school. The younger boys have the chance to experience work by applying for short term, salaried placements with various service departments in the school, such as the Farm, Catering, Security or Premises.

The school holds an annual 'Introduction to Working Life'/Careers Week where the whole school community and local businesses and key services get involved in learning about the types of skills and qualifications needed to enter a variety of professions.  On the day, young people visit local businesses, apply for school assistant jobs and take part in both work experience and voluntary work.  Our boys also regularly attend the local High Schools' Careers Events and receive careers information and guidance from a Kirklees careers advisor for two days.