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“You clearly have a lot of experience in your field and this shows through your provision of education and care” Doncaster Children’s Commissioning Officer "When everyone else gave up the school steps up... It’s an amazing provision for boys who need help, love and support" (Parent) "Leaders provide equality of opportunity and diversity, all pupils thrive in this wonderful school" (Ofsted) "The School is a safe, caring and welcoming place" (Ofsted) "Personal development, behaviour and welfare are outstanding. The School prepares pupils well for the life they will lead after school" (Ofsted) "The whole school curriculum offer is broad, extensive and exceptionally well balanced" (Ofsted) "Amazing School with fantastic staff, my son is loved and cared for and has been given such brilliant opportunities to thrive and be himself" (Parent) "Parents and carers referred to the school as ‘amazing’ ‘astounding’ ‘revolutionary’ and a ‘miracle worker’" (Ofsted)



We aim to give all students the opportunity to develop the skills needed in order that they can fit into the world in which they live and make a positive contribution.  Students are able to learn and develop these skills in a variety of ways, for example, role-play, outside speakers, debate and discussion, educational visits, practical activities and ICT.

The key elements of our PSHE curriculum are:

  • The Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning
  • Sex and Relationships Education
  • Substance Misuse Education
  • Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance


At KS2 and KS3 much of the work is approached through cross-curricular themes, particularly with English and RE. 

PSHE primary education aims to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes students need to keep themselves healthy, safe and develop empathy to be able to relate to others and take part in group activities. Throughout their time in the Farmhouse students are supported to explore their own emotions and feelings in a range of different ways. They are also encouraged to reflect on their actions and how this can affect others within the group. Students are encouraged to make healthy choices and carry out tasks that promote a healthy lifestyle. The PSE ethos is woven throughout each day in the provision that we provide at a time and place when the students most need that support or education. The curriculum is flexible and supports students at their greatest time of need to help them be the best that they can be. 

Examples of PSE work delivered in the Farmhouse are :

  • Healthy lifestyles e.g. students are taught and reminded to wash their hands properly after using the toilet, taught to brush their teeth and eat healthily within the science topic 'teeth and eating'. Students are also encouraged to take the opportunity of a fruit break and encouraged to eat their 5 a day. Discussions about the importance of sleep, especially if a student is presenting tiredness. Numerous opportunities for exercise are offered including countryside walking, outdoor learningIn Year 9 students begin an Entry Level Course in PSHE.  
  • Friendships - students are encouraged to build healthy relationships through a range of activities including playing games, role play, choosing another student to take part in an activity with, holding discussions and conversations after any fall outs.
  • Empathy - students are encouraged to try and reflect and think how others would feel in certain situations that arise e.g. being kicked, being called names, falling over, different family make-up situations.

  • Feelings - students are encouraged to recognise their own feelings for given situations and to broaden their awareness of different feelings e.g. frustration, anxiety, sadness. We then try to work through these feelings and support them so the student can communicate them without displaying the signs of negative behaviour.


In Year 9 students begin an Entry Level Course in PSHE.Students in KS4 are able to work towards further accreditation in Life and Living Skills, Enterprise and Employability and Preparation for Working Life.

All topics offered are in line with current guidelines and expectations of the new National Curriculum.  Students in school are encouraged to participate in 'Student Voice' our representative School Council, which meets every fortnight.